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  Welcome to Gangadharpur Sikshan Mandir


Affiliated To Calcutta University
& Recognized by NCTE

Gangadharpur is a middle place of the District Howrah.It is connected with several parts of the district. The place was under the heels of poverty and ignorance for want of proper education. A signal of green light was seen in the locality as and when a Boys school was established in 1964. The name of the school is Gangadharpur Vidyamandir which has been converted into Higher Secondary School. In 1969 a Girl’s school was also established in the same place namely Gangadharpur Balika Vidyamandir which is now also upgraded to a H.S School. The Girl's school is a turning point for spreading women education here.

It was recognized by the government of WB and the locality saw primary education for their children . In the year 1981 a Degree College was established in the same premises of educational complex which was unbelievable to the people of the locality.

"Education is the creation
of sound mind in a sound Body "

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